The Dead Walk’s ‘We Prowl The Streets’ available now!

The Dead Walk’s debut album ‘We Prowl The Streets’ is now in stores. Formed in 2004, The Dead Walk soon released a five track demo followed soon after with the ‘Re-Animation’ EP. ‘We Prowl The Streets’ is a 30 minute onslaught of a combination of personal, political, humorous and gratuitously violent messages over a soundtrack of mid 90’s Cleveland, late 80’s New York inspired hardcore, clearly influenced by the likes of Integrity, Ringworm, In Cold Blood and Madball. Their split 7? with Jungle Fever is still getting manufactured and will be available in the next week or so. The Dead Walk will be playing at HARDCORE 2006 (18+ show) and late July will hit the road with Ringworm and Mindsnare. Check shows page for dates.