Resist Records welcomes Year Of The Rat to it’s roster. Their debut album “Hell Bent” will be released on April 21.

After years of slogging away in practice spaces and riff dens in Melbourne, Year of the Rat have finally crawled out from their burrow of shredding pits and come up with their debut album, “Hell Bent”. “Hell Bent” is 10 tracks of “trying not to sound like everyone else, but still liking that shit”, taking cues from Merauder, Disfear, SOD, Suicidal Tendancies and All Out War.

Featuring members of Most Precious Blood, I Exist, Hitlist, Blkout and The Daylight Curse, they’ve been in bands, they know what they like and don’t like and they are stoked to unleash these ratty pits onto the masses. Like pits, riffs and double kick bits? Year of the Rat have got you covered.

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Listen to “Arctic World”


After the unleashing of ‘Forced To Regress’ back in 2014, SHACKLES have only doubled down and intensifed on all fronts. Their blastbeat soden, grind tinged hardcore has been forced deeper into the earsockets of every state of Australia, via numerous tours and festival slots in 2014 and 15′, and abroad via tours in both New Zealand and Europe in 2016. The band has refused to slow down or deviate at all from what it does best in channelling sheer aggression.

While constantly playing the band has kept a steady drip feed of smaller releases coming via 2015s ‘West Coast Live Destruction’ live tape, (via a split release of Castigated and Televised Suicide Records,) and last years split 10″ with LA powerviolence crew FISSURE, (Dead Heroes Records).

This year however will see the band returning home to Resist Records and dropping their largest slab of material since ‘Forced To Regress’ in the form of ‘LIFELESS PARADISE’. Harshly stripping away any flab and consolidating the bands sound to its most primal elements ‘LIFELESS PARADISE’ clocks in at a lean 17 minutes of complete unmitigated fury, hatred and despair and further cements SHACKLES as one of countries most distinct powerhouses in extreme music.

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Listen to “Anilingus And Ascension In The Rank”


Oslow’s debut self titled album is out now on LP, CD and through iTunes or stream on Spotify.

Watch “Cold Dark Space”


On ‘Now That I Have Seen I Am Responsible’, Vices have taken things up a notch, and the results are arresting. Developed over more than a year, the tracks adopt an equally personal and political tone. Written amongst a backdrop of global political and social upheaval and relationship breakdowns closer to home, the band have crafted a raw and righteous release that places them at the forefront of intelligent local hardcore, aimed at delivering comfort and solidarity through hardcore. Thematically, it addresses threats to human rights, religious divisions and mental health struggles.

Produced by Jay Maas (Defeater, Bane, Verse, Counterparts), this LP is the band’s first project working with a professional producer. Vocalist John McAleer says “Jay is a savage when it comes to making music. He keeps it real, he likes the imperfections but also knows when to push for something better, and he understood what we were trying to do and made the whole thing come to life.” That they found the experience productive and rewarding is evident in the punchy power of these recordings.

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Against Me! have announced they will be heading out this May for a run of Australian headline dates to celebrate the release of their new album, Shape Shift With Me.

They will be in the country as part of the Groovin The Moo lineup and will be playing additional shows in Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Wollongong, Sydney and Perth supported by Melbourne’s Camp Cope.

Tickets on sale Thursday February 9.

Against Me! Australian Tour May 2017
with special guests Camp Cope

Wed 3 May – The Triffid, Brisbane
Tickets available from

Thur 4 May – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Tickets available from Oztix outlets and

Fri 5 May – Max Watts, Melbourne
Tickets available from

Wed 10 May – Uni Bar, Wollongong
Tickets available from

Thur 11 May – Manning Bar, Sydney
Tickets available from manning

Fri 12 May – Rosemount, Perth
Tickets available from

Groovin The Moo Tour Dates (Against Me! only)
Fri 28 April – Groovin The Moo, Wayville
Tickets available from

Sat 29 April – Groovin The Moo, Maitland
Tickets available from

Sun 30 April Groovin The Moo, Townsville
Tickets available from

Sat 6 May – Groovin The Moo, Bendigo
Tickets available from

Sun 7 May – Groovin The Moo, Canberra
Tickets available from

Sat 13 May – Groovin The Moo, Bunbury
Tickets available from


Mindsnare will release two brand new 7″ EP’s on March 10, their first release since 2012’s split with Ringworm.

Both 7″s feature two new tracks and a cover, “Into Infinity” includes a cover of Motorhead’s “Mean Machine” and “The Holy Bull Rides Fast” includes a cover of “Mad Butcher” by Destruction.

The six tracks were engineered by Jason Fuller at Goat Sound, mixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege and produced by Jason Fuller and Beltsy, with cover illustration by Sawblade.

Limited to 200 copies on coloured vinyl, the EP’s will be available March 10, pre orders are available now.

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