Toe To Toe announce new releases

Over nearly two decades the tale to Toe To Toe has been rooted in survival, struggle and conviction. Forming at a time when many felt real hardcore punk rock had enjoyed it’s day the band rallied against trends and reared up in the face of fashion to become Sydney’s proudest exponents of a form of music that remains well and truly on the outside.

Through 3 studio albums (1995’s Threats And Facts LP, 1997’s Tao and 1999’s Consolidated), and multiple EPs, 2010 will see the band reissue their entire back catalogue through Resist Records. Having been out of print for several years, April 30 will see the release of “The Best Defence Is Attack” (a collection of out of print, rare and unreleased songs recorded between 1992 and 1996), “Tao” and “Consolidated” with the release of “Arturo Gatti”, the bands first studio album since 1999’s “Consolidated” released on May 28.