Touche Amore are a thought-provoking, passionate hardcore/punk band from Los Angeles, CA. From the first strikes of their angular, yet melodic, chords, it’s apparent that Touche Amore have awoken something long forgotten in the hardcore/punk genre, bringing to mind the balance of rage and melody that Revolution Summer-era DC bands Rites Of Spring and Ignition once carried.

Within each song they build an awe inspiring musical tension while impassioned vocalist Jeremy Bolm’s shouts resonate, ripe with intellectual introspection. This collective outpouring of traditional hardcore anger and emotional openness ultimately coalesces into something beautiful, vulnerable, and refreshingly real.

Formed in West Hartford, Connecticut in 2006, Make Do And Mend’s own brand of post-hardcore is as melodic as it is fierce, perfecting a sound that’s more than able to convince you that aggressive emotion and heartfelt honesty are not dead in the punk music that we fell in love with.

Both touring Australia separately for the first time in 2011, both bands will be returning together this November. Tickets on sale Friday August 17.