Resist is proud to welcome Betrayed to the family

Having toured Australia in December 2005 with Champion, Internal Affairs and Miles Away, Betrayed wasted no time when they returned home to the US and recorded their debut album Substance. Forming in September 2004, Betrayed were an idea sprouted from the minds of Todd Jones (Carry On/Terror) and vocalist Aram Arslanian (Champion) that was subsequently put into action. Jones effectively sums the new album up, saying, “One of the lines from the title track is ‘We search for substance,’ and basically that means we’re not just some band looking to play the role. We don’t mimic anything. We just go for it and do our own thing.” The “own thing” he speaks of is a fast and aggressive, yet melodic and catchy brand of hardcore that recalls ’80s era hardcore pioneers like Minor Threat and Dag Nasty. Betrayed put their own unique spin on the sound, and they play with all heart, all the time. Their previous releases include a self-titled record on Bridge 9 Records and a split EP with Champion on Rivalry Records. Licensed from Equal Vision Records, Betrayed’s upcoming 13-song album, Substance will be in stores on July 10. Check out an mp3 of the title track, Substance up now on the media page.