Icepick (US) ‘Violent Epiphany’ Australian release

Featuring Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta, Lord Ezec (Skarhead, Crown Of Thornz), Zeuss (Pushbutton Warfare) and Frank 3 Gun (Hatebreed,Terror, Ringworm), Icepick includes some of the most influential hardcore-musicians of the past decade. Their debut album ‘Violent Epiphany’ includes special guest appearances from Ice-T (Bodycount), Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror), Freddy Cricien (Madball), Al Barr (Dropkick Murphys) and Pete Morcey (100 Demons). Licensed from Stillborn Records ‘Violent Epiphany’ will be instores on February 17.