The Gaslight Anthem join Resist Records

Hailing from New Brunswick, New Jersey, The Gaslight Anthem’s mixture of punk rock sing- alongs, folk story telling, and a unique soulfulness underneath it all has been bursting out of its own seams since their inception in the winter of 2005. The group’s debut ‘Sink Or Swim’ on NJ’s XOXO Records is steeped in influence of each of the four member’s upbringing and you can hear it all very clearly, the trick is how seamless The Gaslight Anthem blends these influences into one cohesive mixture, resulting in a sound all their own. From Springsteen, The Clash, and Hot Water Music to elements of soul, blues, and folk, these four gentlemen have found something classic and yet brand new all at the same time. It’s a punk rock tradition of no frills, good times and playing every show like it was your last. ‘Sink Or Swim’ will be available in Australia on January 19 with their brand new EP ‘Senor And the Queen’ (licensed from Sabot Productions) instores February 2.