Born out of a hearty hardcore pedigree, the members of Rival Schools stepped to the plate with a phenomenal history and the qualities that would point towards an amazing future.

In 2001 Walter Schreifels, Ian Love, Cache Tolman and Sammy Siegler released what would later become their seminal debut album United By Fate. Little did they know that this album would go on to help shape the world of Post-Hardcore and influence hundreds of bands along the way. Ten years later, Rival Schools released their much anticipated second album “Pedals”

“Pedals” not only breaks a decade of recording silence but reminds us and reiterates just why they achieved the success and classic album status that they did. There’s no doubt there is a definite progression from their debut, it is everything fans expected it to be and more, and without question will open up their musical genius to a whole new generation of fans.

Having toured Australia as part of 2009’s Soundwave Festival, Rival Schools will return to Australia this September where they will be joined by Toy Boats. Tickets on sale Friday 15th June