Beloved steel-city 5-piece Jacob have released their first single since 2019 with the nostalgia-fuelled, pop-punk anthem “Not Only When You’re Lonely”.

Hailing from the NSW cities of Newcastle and Wollongong, Jacob have amassed a strong fanbase across the country since the bands inception in 2013, releasing two LPs thus far, Jacob (2016) and Show Me Some Passion (2018). The band have also been lucky enough to support the likes of Turnover (US) , Turnstile (US), Tigers Jaw (US), Against Me! (US) and The Get Up Kids (US), as well as tour with Luca Brasi and Joyce Manor (US).

“Not Only When You’re Lonely” has all the elements of a Jacob tune fans have come to know and love over the years; catchy-yet-chaotic vocal melodies coming from every direction, tongue-in-cheek lyrics that ef­fortlessly flow between satire and hopeless romanticism, and an infectious, full bodied sound that always leaves you coming back for more. Although the band still have one foot firmly in Emo territory,  Not Only When You’re Lonely  certainly creeps further towards the pop end of the punk spectrum, with an upbeat, explosive tone reminiscent of the early 2000s sound the band grew up with.

Listen to “Not Only When You’re Lonely”