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Composed between and throughout bouts of physical and mental duress “Desire” is a story told in four parts. Desire thematically revolves around realisation and acceptance and is a glimpse into the often complicated and challenging process of personal growth.

Desire is musically more metallic and heavier than previous Choke releases. Tinges of death and thrash metal combine with the band’s previous powerviolence and punk influences to form an even bleaker and grinding musical landscape than the one found on 2016’s ‘Left With Nothing’ LP.

To achieve the desired audio assault the band enlisted Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues, Xibalba) to mix, Dan Randall (Left For Dead, Magrudergrind, 86 Mentality) to master and Luke Dolan (The Dead Walk!, Life.Love.Regret, Arms Reach) to provide a guest vocal appearance.

Desire brings to a close almost two years of trying to get better. Getting better by accepting the past, letting go and moving forward.

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Choke’s debut album “Left With Nothing” is out now on LP, CD and through iTunes.

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Resist Records welcomes Choke to its roster. Their debut album “Left With Nothing” will be released on January 8.

Originally formed as a reaction to a complacent local hardcore scene, the Central Coast hardcore punk band have always felt out of step with their surroundings.

Raised on a balance of Mark My Words, Cro-Mags and Extortion, the band formed in early 2013, and went on to release both a demo tape and 7”, with the majority of 2015 spent working on their debut album ‘Left With Nothing’.

‘Left with Nothing’ officially ushers in a new phase for Choke which began with the addition of new vocalist Brent White at the start of 2015. Choke are presenting 11 tracks of bleak, heavy and fast hardcore punk inspired by misery, paranoia and self-loathing.

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Choke “Left With Nothing” in stores January 8.